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A Blueprint for Action

In 1998, based on public input, A Blueprint for Action was drafted that identify a number of strategic needs and recommendations to address those needs.

I. Keeping Local Focus and Control
Future greenway development in the state of Ohio should maximize local focus and control.

II. State Leadership
The State of Ohio should establish an on-going structure that identifies greenway development as a state priority.

The greenway interests in state should continue an organized framework.

III. Assessment of Resources
Establish an Ohio Greenway Roundtable.

IV. A Network of Greenway Communications
Establish a Network of Greenway Communications.

V. Technical Assistance
Expand the capacity for delivering technical assistance.

VI. Simplifying and Coordinating Current Funding Sources
State funding procedures should be improved to maximize flexibility and minimize unnecessary delays and costs.

VII. Greenway Inventory
The State of Ohio should establish a database of information related to greenways.

VIII. On-going Data Collection
Establish an on-going system of data collection concerning local greenway projects.

IX. Protection Mechanisms for Priority Linear Features
A system of rescuing linear corridors, which are in jeopardy, must be established.

X. Building the Capacity for Environmental Protection
OhioEPA should clarify its position on nonpoint source pollution.

ODNR's revised best management practices should be reviewed to maximize their application.

The value of environmental benefits should be included in state-ordered cost-benefit analysis.

XI. Additional Programs and Funding Needs
The need for additional programs and additional funding sources should be evaluated.  Additional programs and funding should be defined.

A Blueprint for Action has been indorsed by a number of organizations as a means to achieve a desirable future.  The complete text and list of endorsements will be available on the website in the near future.

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