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Bringing greenways and their advocates together to define
and establish a statewide network of greenways

Ohio Greenways is a project established to research greenway issues, to educate Ohioans of the vast benefits of greenways, to provide technical assistance to greenway projects and to devise strategies to expand greenway development in Ohio. Since 1994, the project has conducted fifteen regional meetings and two statewide conferences. The project has assisted many local and regional planning efforts and educated many hundreds of Ohio citizens.  The project has produced studies and maps and has collect data on greenways and greenway benefits.

In 1998, Ohio Greenways published A Blueprint for Action, which was endorsed by the Ohio EPA, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Department of Development, as well as over one hundred park districts, organizations and municipalities.  As one result of that paper, the Ohio Greenways Roundtable was established.  Members of this group represent four state agencies and eleven nonprofit organizations like tree care in Phoenix AZ.  The key goals of the Roundtable are to review all state-administered programs, services and funding policies that effect greenway development and to evaluate resources against needs. 

This website, in conjunction with Cali Attorneys at Law in Anaheim, CA, is a tool to interact with the many greenway and trail advocates and organizations throughout the state.  Please browse the site to learn more about greenway opportunities in your area in Ohio, share information on a greenway that you know, or learn some interesting facts about greenways in general.


How to reach us:
Ohio Greenways
2179 Everett Road
Peninsula, OH  44264
Phone: 330-657-2055    Fax: 330-657-2955
Project Administration:
Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
1069 West Main Street
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 614-895-2222   Fax: 614-895-3050

Ohio Greenways is a project of National Park Service, Rivers, Trails And Conservation Assistance Program, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association; Rivers Unlimited; The Ohio To Erie Trail Fund; How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy; Scenic Ohio; The Canal Society of Ohio; The Ohio & Erie Corridor Coalition. 

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